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Vivreau launches revolutionary b.blu water vending machine

“Fill, Drink and Recycle” b.blu: a revolution in drinking on the go
Vivreau launches revolutionary b.blu water vending machine

Vivreau - the originator of the environmentally-friendly mains-fed Bottler system – is launching its latest venture, the b.blu water vending machine. The b.blu system, developed in conjunction with Waterwerkz, will revolutionise how we drink on the move. It provides a greener alternative to the heavy carbon footprint of traditional vending machines which offer pre-bottled mineral waters that have been shipped from far off sources and b.blu is the first water vending machine with an integrated recycling system.

Thekey to b.blu’s green credentials is that it’s mains-fed. Its revolutionary Pouchlink system – exclusive to Vivreau and Waterwerkz - operates by filling lightweight plastic pouches with chilled, filtered water in situ. Each machine can hold up to 1,000 interlinked re-sealable, spouted pouches, vastly decreasing stocking, storage and transportation costs compared with traditional machines that carry bulky pre-filled cans or bottles. b.blu’s lower maintenance, transport and production requirements also provide substantial reductions in CO2 emissions by reducing “water-miles” generated in bottling and delivering each litre of water compared to pre-bottled mineral water.

Vivreau has gone one step further and manufactured a reverse vending system – aptly christened “” - that takes back the used pouches and shreds them for later collection and recycling. What’s more, the b.blu recycling system incentivises ‘green’ behaviour by offering credits on subsequent purchases in return for recycling the water pouch.

Just-in-time flash chilling provides additional green credentials by reducing energy consumption by as much as 80% compared to the energy required to refrigerate water in traditional vending machines.

The b.blu vending unit offers purchasers a completely new vending experience. The machine itself features a huge picture window through which the purchaser can enjoy the theatre of the machine’s internal workings as their pouch is prepared, uncapped, filled, re-capped and vended. Once consumed the customer simply feeds the used pouch into the machine, and receives a credit against their next purchase.

Stephen Charles, Managing Director of Vivreau said:

“Vivreau has challenged the financial and environmental cost of pre-bottled mineral waters in the office and catering sector since the late 80s. With b.blu we’re now providing a much greener (and cheaper) alternative to the madness of buying pre-bottled mineral water when you’re on the go. I’m confident that the logic of the b.blu vending machine will make them a common sight in busy locations such as shopping and leisure centres, transportation hubs and other public places”.

Vivreau is currently developing a range of tasty and healthy flavoured water drinks which will be marketed under the b.liv brand and vended alongside Vivreau’s b.blu water.


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