Currently, licensed premises including bars, restaurants and hotels are legally required to provide free drinking water on request in England, Scotland and Wales, although they can charge for the use of a glass.

More than 70% of people feel uncomfortable asking for a glass of tap water when they’re out and about according to a YouGov survey commissioned by BRITA UK and environmental charity Keep Britain Tidy. Staying hydrated on the go is vital for health, especially in the summer months, and only 25% of people know their rights when it comes to refilling a reusable water bottle or asking for a glass of tap water in public buildings and businesses.

Unfortunately, the obvious step if free refills are not available, or if the customer feels uncomfortable asking for it, is to purchase another plastic bottle which will be thrown away, causing long-term damage to the marine environment and increasing litter in public places.

Hotels and Restaurants

Sustainability is at the core of BRITA’s ethos, with reducing water miles in the hospitality industry a key objective for BRITA Vivreau and its clients.


Not only is water transported by road, creating congestion and pollution, but there is also the issue surrounding glass and plastic packaging waste.

Although recycling facilities are available, re-using will always be more efficient than recycling and will provide an immediate and dramatic impact on carbon footprint.

One of the solutions developed by BRITA is the mains-fed Table Water Bottling System, which dispenses unlimited quantities of purified filtered chilled still and sparkling water in- house, that can be served in reusable Designer glass bottles.

Watch the above video to find out how and why the hotel and restaurant - The Swan at Streatley, part of the Rare Bird Hotels group -invested in BRITA Vivreau’s Table Water Bottling System and ViTap Plus.


Cost-Saving Solution

From its inception BRITA Vivreau’s purified drinking water dispensers provided an environmentally positive alternative to pre-bottled mineral waters, a fact which has become a key driver in recent years for clients who have become increasingly concerned about their environmental impact.

The Table Water Bottling System, in particular, is beneficial for a hospitality climate as it allows clients to bottle their own water on site, which eliminates the need to purchase environmentally unfriendly plastic bottles. This in turn reduces fuel miles and inevitably carbon emissions. Using BRITA Vivreau’s Designer reusable glass bottles provides a greener solution to pre-bottled mineral water as there is no need to throw away or even recycle bottles and reusing is even better than recycling.

BRITA Vivreau continue to innovate and develop new solutions to help companies not only reduce their carbon footprint but also reduce unnecessary expenditure and space used on pre-bottled mineral waters.